Pompano Beach Redevelopment

Consulting / Development / Parking

LMG participated in the conceptual design of the Pier Redevelopment on a team led by EDSA and the City’s East CRA. Along with RMA, LMG led the entitlement process and public outreach meetings. Subsequently, LMG prepared parking demand projections to determine the appropriate size of a parking facility along with financial projections to assist in the financing. In 2015 LMG was selected to negotiate the GMP and represent the owner during the construction of the Pier Garage and all related site improvements for the pier redevelopment area. Now in our seventh year of involvement, LMG is serving as owner’s representative to the City during the construction of the City’s first public garage: slated to open July 4, 2016 and has been retained to provide a similar scope for the City’s next garage.